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Can your security protect your success?

Last year, Gartner introduced a new strategic approach for information security — Continuous Adaptive Risk and Trust Assessment (CARTA).

This new charter embraces the reality of securing a world where our digital business capabilities are accessed anywhere, by anyone from any device and where attackers continue to innovate. This security and risk webinar explores the significant changes to security and infrastructure required by CARTA. We also share the 7 principles of CARTA and implications for your security organization.

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Work from Home

Home Office, Work from Home Webinars in May 2020

Building a Save IT Home Environment

In the area of webinars, the topic “Work from Home” is particularly emphasized.

Working safely from the home office becomes a challenge for nearly every company.

We have selected the best webinars in May.





Webinar Software

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Online Webinar Software Evaluation

The use of online webinar software has never been as popular as during the pandemic.

Many companies and government agencies will continue to rely on online meetings after these tough times.

Which software is best suited for this.

Zoom Software is certainly one of the winners beside market leader like CISCOs Webex, GoToWebinar or for example. tested 59 webinar software vendor.

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