Submit Event Features

Featured Event

The PRO package enables you to use the “featured” function. To use the featured function please follow the recommended steps:

  1. Insert entire events details into submission form.
  2. Publish event submission via “submit event button”.
  3. Go to “My Account” and follow link on left menu “My Events” You should be now able to edit the already submitted event. At the end of the submission form you will find the option to feature the event


SEO Optimization

SEO optimization is only part of the PRO package. With the SEO feature you can set up to 5 keywords. The keywords will be crawled by search engines like Google or Yahoo etc. You can change the keywords any time as long the event submission is valid.


Event Color

The event color feature is part of the SUCCESS and PRO package.You can choose any color to highlight your event submission. The color will be shown in any listing form no matter if the submission is listed on daily-, weekly-, monthly- or yearly view.


Learn More Link

The “learn more link” feature is a standard part of all packages. The “learn more link” should be used to insert the link to the original event information and/or register website which is typically the homepage of the event host.Please insert the link as follows: (e.g.) www.myevent.com

Please don’t add http:// or https:// to the link.


Event Organizer

The “event organizer” feature gives you the stage to introduce yourself as a person or company. You can also set a link to your homepage. This feature is part of all packages.


Event Details

Please use this feature to describe your event briefly and succinctly or great detailed. You can change the content any time as long as the event submission is valid.


Event Subtitle

The “event subtitle” will be shown below the event name and gives the user an idea about the event content. The event subtitle feature is part of all submission packages except FREE package. The event subtitle is any time editable as long as the submission is valid.


Event Name